Well… Not Really…


The title is Claustrophobic Clubber, but i actually have a mild case of Agoraphobia…

Which has actually been getting worse over the last year, i do still leave the house, but only to very familiar places… Anymore than 20 minutes or so in a large store or mall and i start to freak out… Walmart is the most terrifying place in the world to me… Even the parking lot can start a panic attack…

So i have this fear of new places… I also have a fear of new people, and especially of those new people asking me any questions or making physical contact with me… I’ve become an expert at walking through very crowded places with achieving very minimal contact with strangers, it’s an art…

But, with all this i’ve proven to the world that somebody like me can live a rich and fulfilling social life… While being 90% certain her friends don’t think she is a total freak…

I used to be heavily involved in the rock / punk world, i even managed a couple bands… Then i got into electronic music and dancing and joined the rave community… I threw a few raves, but it’s a lot of hassle and very expensive if you don’t know the right people to help you… After i turned 21 i discovered clubs are a lot cleaner than warehouse raves and they played more house music and less trance… Also i could buy quality alcohol and i wasn’t surrounded by teenagers on e!  It. Was. Heaven.

So that’s where the name comes from…


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