so here’s something that kinda weirds me out…    Woodside…

That’s not really fair, the town is great. It’s charming and small and woodsy… My problem is every damn time i’m driving on 280, it doesn’t matter which direction or time of day, i see the Woodside sign.


this is my artist rendition as i’m always driving i can’t really take a picture of the real sign…

anyway, this has been going on for years! it’s part annoying, part creepy, part frustrating and all interesting…

Annoying: it catches me off guard every time… sometimes i forget what i was even thinking about because now i’m pondering why i keep seeing this sign… it’s not like i read every other sign on a freeway that i’ve been on at least 100 times… i’ve even missed my exit for work or downtown because i’m not seeing signs…

Creepy: WTF? What do you want Woodside? Are you a magical place that holds some kind of answer? Are you my own little promised land? Should i seek something within your limits? Did something happen there and you’re sending me some kind of freaky psychic message? Well i don’t know what the deal is except that you are creeping me out…

Frustrating: I have to admit now that i have driven aimlessly through Woodside… looking for something, anything that would give me some kind of answer of why that sign is so magnetic to me… i’ve been up and down almost every street within Woodside… some twice… even up some private driveways in the woodsy area… bupkis… not one clue to any kind of magical Woodside revelation… not that i know what i’m looking for, but i’ve not found it yet…

until i figure it out or get unbearably curious again, i will just not take 280 to or from the city if given a choice… because although you can get to Woodside from 101… apparently it’s VooDoo can’t reach me from that distance…


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