Learning to Draw Hoomans


One thing i’m trying to perfect right now is drawing vector humans… i still can’t do it free-form, but it has been years since i’ve even tried to draw a person with a pencil…

i think it’s going well so far… i did this last week:

the Girl is mine, the HotRod is from a Stock Photo site

the Girl is mine, the HotRod is from a Stock Photo site

But it wasn’t that hard, i only used 2 photos to get what i needed for the body and did the hair, top & skirt freehand…

and i really like that little argyle shape i made as an accent for the piece… not a fan of the hot rod, it looked better after i stripped all the realistic light effects that were on it, but it’s still not quite the same style…

Later in the week i designed a logo for a friend but the image i hand in my head was really complex…

i had to use 5 images:

hmph2AnimeEyesClosed_01IE243-039967505_grumpy 2Jasmine-folded-arms-800x800

i took pieces of these and flipped, traced and mimicked enough to get a rough draft that is:

Bossy Bottoms Logo
Bossy Bottoms Logo

Again, this is just a rough draft… but, i’m pretty proud of myself and how far my people drawing skills are coming after really just trying a couple times…

My favorite thing i got out of all this was learning how to use the Mesh Tool! Oh i have avoided that function like the plague…  but as with most things i learn to do i start with the hardest application of a skill to learn how to do it… people are not easy to shade… as you can see on the little girl… she still needs a lot of touch-up on her shading…


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