hey, keep the change ;)


Is it National Keep the Change Day?   If so i’m finding out about it the same way i first found out about Talk Like a Pirate Day…

Customer #1 gave me $0.50 for a $0.26 bill then walked out…

Customer #2 gave me $5 for $2.48 bill, laughed and walked out…

Customer #3 just gave me $8 for a $7.20 bill and said “nah, you keep it” to my questioning if he wanted his change…

i’ve had little old ladies grumble if i accidentally short them a penny, so i’m not used to this behavior…

B T W   there are a LOT of national days and months and weeks and stuff…  check it out:


i think i will celebrate “national toasted marshmallow day” and “Race your mouse around the icons day”


2 Responses to “hey, keep the change ;)”

  1. 1 Lars

    Here’s the shirt to wear for toasted marshmallow day


  2. 2 Phoenicia Bracco

    Oh i’m not sure what’s worse now, that shirt or the shirt you own that depicts marshmallow cannibalism…

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