Design Why? #2


An example of if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it:

Quick Stop

Vintage Quick Stop shot

Vintage Quick Stop shot

it may not be the most sophisticated or stylish logo…  but here you have the “Quick” appearing to move quickly and the “Stop” in a stop sign… so although not the most chic design, a very highly functional design that screams at you:

“Come in here if you need quick general food, beverage and roadtrip supplies!!!   I have chips and cold coca cola and budweiser and camel filters!!”

and now there is this:

new Quick Stop sign

new Quick Stop sign

um…   what is going on in that diamond shape?

do those colors signify something? am i, the redbull and cigarette consumer, supposed to know what your logo means?  maybe i’m thinking about it too hard and the answer is actually really obvious?

or maybe your logo is now a non functioning piece of flare that tells me whatever you are selling, you are open 24 hr…


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