On NOT Stifling the Creativity of Youth…


so there is this commercial that i see constantly for Lowe’s…  it irritates the hell out of me!

-Link pending-

Where this mom is with her awkward looking teenage daughter complaining that she wanted to paint her room a really dark royal purple…  “she wanted to paint her room THAT color.” (Points to sparkly purple rubber iPhone cover)

So she takes her to Lowe’s where the ever-so-helpful sales associate talks her into a more mellow shade of purple called (condescendingly enough) Rocker Girl…   So they paint the room and it’s all so great and the mom is happy and the daughter is happy… Then is cuts to them still in the store where the daughter asks: “Can i dye my hair purple?” to which the mother looks so annoyed and so “oh, i can’t believe i have such a weirdo for a child, save me again Lowe’s employee”

Soooooo irritating!

when i was that girls age, i was OBSESSED with Orange… Orange Artwork, Orange Clothes, Orange Paint… i think i even wanted to change my name to Valencia at one point… But, when i asked my mother if i could dye my hair Orange, and i mean Orange orange…

She said, well let’s try temporary dye first in case you don’t like it… She bought temporary dye and even HELPED me color my hair… I LOVED IT! i wanted it permanent! so, without judging me at all, she and my grandmother took me to a salon and had a professional dye my hair Orange orange…

I'll see if my Grammy has a picture of me with orange hair, but it looked like this...

It was awesome! not only did i look so freakin’ cool in 7th grade with punk rock, neon orange hair, which made me instantly “cool” – It made me know that my creative ideas were respected within my family… my mom knew that though Orange was a temporary phase,  having a slightly out-there, artistic daughter was a permanent state…

So, this commercial makes me so irritated! jeez, let her have a little fun before she is forced to grow up… Why is it such a horrible idea to let her dye her hair?  your knitting group would look down on you? how about your daughter looking down on you because you are basically telling her that at her age, she is a joke to you and can’t be taken seriously, my god you can’t even trust her to pick out a paint color!


how the commercial should have gone:

Mom: “She wanted to paint her room THAT color, (Points to sparkly purple rubber iPhone cover) which is really hard to find! so we went to Lowe’s”

Cut to them entering paint department- Employee: “Oh our color match system can make ANY paint color for you, even your daughter’s cell phone cover”

Family smiles at each other – cut to them painting the room the REAL Rocker Girl color

Cut to back in the paint department – Daughter: “Can i dye my hair purple?”

Mom to Lowe’s employee: “Does your paint matching system do hair dye?”


I think people treat children and especially teenagers like they are not worthy on respect… but at the same time these same people complain that teenagers are so disrespectful to their parents… has this group of people ever tried giving respect? True, it’s something that is earned, but the way young adults earn respect with each other, is by respecting each other… when having a conversation, try talking to young adults as if they were your equal…

I was always polite and respectful toward adults that treated me with decency and respect and i was usually a little bitch to the adults that treated me like i was an ignorant child…


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