So you say you want a revolution?


I don’t… does anyone really…  but some stuff needs to change and some stuff should REALLY stay the same… don’t chuck the baby out with bath water people…

ok let’s start with the Propositions:

19 – YES Individuals age 21 or older could, under state law, possess and cultivate limited amounts of marijuana for personal use. In addition, the state and local governments could authorize, regulate, and tax commercial marijuana-related activitites under certain conditions. These activities would remain illegal under federal law – Tax Revenue, Money saved on imprisonment

20 – YES!! The responsibility to determine the boundaries of California’s districts in the U.S. House of Representatives would be moved to the Citizens Redistricting Commission, a commission established by Proposition 11 in 2008. (Proposition 27 on this ballot also concerns redistricting issues. If both Proposition 20 and Proposition 27 are approved by voters, the proposition receiving the greater number of “yes” votes would be the only one to go into effect.)

21 – SURE? An $18 annual surcharge would be added to the amount paid when a person registers a motor vehicle. The surcharge revenues would be used to provide funding for state park and wildlife conservation programs. Vehicles subject to the surcharge would have free admission and parking at all state parks. I am willing to pay $18 per year to keep the national parks open and protect all the little animals… This one is pocketbook vs. morals – therefore it will probably not pass…

22 – NO! The state’s current authority over state fuel tax and local property tax revenues would not be affected.  Unnecessary Bureaucracy

23 – NO! NO! NO! NO! – Certain existing and proposed regulations authorized under state law (“Assembly Bill 32”) to address global warming would be suspended. These regulations would remain suspended until the state unemployment rate drops to 5.5 percent or lower for one year – This was obviously paid for by corporate and oil money… We were the first state to get on the right path, don’t let them de-rail us please!

24 – NO! Three business tax provisions that were recently changed will not be affected. As a result of maintaining current law: (1) a business will be able to deduct losses in one year against income in more situations, (2) most multistate businesses could choose to have their California income determined based only on a single sales factor, and (3) a business will be able to share its tax credits with related businesses – This would hurt a lot of already struggling small businesses and either close them or move them out of state…

25 – YES The Legislature’s vote requirement to send the annual budget bill to the Governor would be lowered from two-thirds to a majority of each house of the Legislature – Helps streamline the budget process and cut out a little of the back door deal making

26 – NO! NO!Waste of time, waste of money! The definition of taxes would be broadened to include many payments currently considered to be fees or charges. As a result, more state and local proposals to increase revenues would require approval by two-thirds of each house of the Legislature or by local voters

27 – NO! – If this passes it would leave the redistricting up to the assembly and there could be some favoritism and special interest involved in the redistricting… it’s better to just use prop 20

Now on to the State Officials:

Governor – DALE OGDEN (libertarian) – I’ve got a bad feeling about Jerry and Meg…  We need to tighten the belt, but not at the expense of our morals…  oh did someone say fiscally conservative and socially liberal?  why you must mean those new kids the libertarians!

Lieutenant Governor – GAVIN NEWSOM (democrat) – Well he did a good job running SF maybe he can do a good job helping to run the whole state… I’m not a big fan of Maldonado…

Secretary of State – Debra Bowen (democrat/incumbent) She didn’t fuck anything up as far as i can tell…

State Controller – Lawrance G. “Larry” Beliz (independant) – Seems like a guy that would be good at handling our finances…

State Treasurer – Bill Lockyer (democrat/incumbent) – Again, not sure that he messed anything up, this seems like a thankless job – if he wants to keep it i’ll let him…

Attorney General – KAMALA D. HARRIS (democrat) – District Attorney, City and County of San Francisco,  Consumer protection, Tough on crime.

Insurance Commisioner – MIKE VILLINES (republican) – This guys looks like he means business! He’s super mad at the health insurers in the state and wants to crack the whip on them! :D

Superintendent of Schools – TOM TORLAKSON – Seems like he’s got his priorities straight on how to stop this trainwreck that is our public schools

ok that was fun, Now on to Legislature…

State Senator – BARBARA BOXER (democrat) – i know… i know… but Fiorina is REALLY scary!

Representative District 15 – MIKE HONDA (democrat) – he can keep doin what he’s doin –  i feel very well represented

State Senator – I don’t really care, just vote with your party i guess, i’m voting libertarian to try cut some spending, while reserving our high morals (as in stay out of my private life government) same for:

State Assembly – See above

California Supreme Court – um?  this is a weird vote Yes or No for each and i don’t understand what it means… the most Yes stays or the most No goes?

last but not least some city and county stuff…

Gavilan College Board of Trustees Area 1 – ELEANOR S. VILLEREAL – She seems very educated and forward thinking… and the other guy hasn’t even bothered to put forward a statement…

Gavilan College Board of Trustees Area 2 – KENT L. CHILD – He wants to expand service of Gavilan into Morgan Hill and Hollister, i approve of this idea

County Supervisor – FORREST WILLIAMS – i actually did a lot of research for this one… This guy seems more experienced and more even. Supervisor is responsible for a lot more than i thought they were…

Gilroy City Council (pick 3) – Dion Bracco (is my uncle, btw, full disclosure) and Russ Valiquette or  Peter Leroe- Munoz Esq.  (is the Esq. for Esquire? because that’s a little awesome)  so all 3 of these guys want to fix up downtown and focus on keeping gilroy safe…

as for the measures: Yes on Schools, No on more Bureaucracy – sorry, Measures bug me…


2 Responses to “So you say you want a revolution?”

  1. 1 Burgie

    Jen, is there no Libertarian on the Senate card? Because I consider Boxer scarier than Carly, but, having worked for her (at Lucent), I don’t want her in either…

    • 2 Phoenicia Bracco

      Well, as far as voting in the senate – I have agreed with Boxer 70% of the time… Fiorina has some really extreme views on some social issues…
      I hate Palin for letting all these extreme whacko women think that they are now empowered to come out of the wood work… get back into your grain weirdos, your views were barely relevant in the 60s we definitely don’t want them NOW!

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