When you grow up…


What did you want to be when you grew up?  (no really, i’m curious – tell me and then tell me why you are or aren’t doing it?)

I always and as long as i can remember told the world i would be an artist… i was laughed at and told things like: “oh sweetie, artists don’t make any money” or “not everyone gets to be an artist, you have to be really really good

hmmmm… that last one is kind of a mean thing to tell a little aspiring artist now that i think about it… i knew my creations were good, yes i was born this cocky, so i guess i didn’t take it as a criticism at the time…

if you promise not to laugh i will show you a sketch from my childhood:

What i was doing instead of paying attention in class

you weren’t laughing right?  anyway… onto the point…

Recently I applied for several jobs in Detroit… My husband has been there since December 09 and well i miss the guy… I was lucky enough to get an interview and flew out there and everything sounded great until i realized that this was not a design position, it was more of a customer service position… right now i design 80% of my time at work and am involved with customer service the remaining 20%… This is the first design job i’ve had where the majority of my time is spent actually creating and designing…

This new job would have been a flip of my blue-print for happiness at work… You shouldn’t go around flipping blue-prints, it really confuses the contractors… I love my customers, but i think i love them so much because i am creating things for them… You may skoff at me but i pour my heart into my print projects… I do get satisfaction from creating brochures with the parameters of a corporate style guide… no really, i do!

So i weighed the pros and cons of moving from the promised land to detroit (where despite having the nickname “motor city” nobody seems to know how to drive well)…  and in the end it came down to art… what is an artist without the ability to create art?

she is a driver with no car

she is a farmer with no crop

she is a blacksmith with no iron

she is completely lost…

Since it took me some 20 years to find a job where i am taken seriously as an artist, why would i go wandering off into artless territory?

ok here’s more little drawings from childhood me:

pastels on printer paper - i was probably 13 when i drew this















pencil - i was probably 11 or 12 when i drew this

Colored Pencil in an actual sketch book so i was probably in jr. high


I might have been a little obsessed with Asia…


3 Responses to “When you grow up…”

  1. 1 Sooz

    i was obsessed with egypt as a teenager. love your drawings!! when i was a teenager i wanted to be a teacher when i grew up. i feel like i do teach, although not professionally (administrating a discussion forum in my free time). i would have wanted to be a professional artist too, if i had had any idea that was even an option! s’alright – i’m gettin there. =)

  2. 2 pixelsandpalabras

    that’s a tough one. i used to stare at all the posters up in my spanish one class in 8th grade, and i knew i wanted to come live here when i was an adult, which i’m doing now, so that’s one thing i can check off the list. but aside from that, i feel like what i wanted to be changed constantly. i was really interested in learning other languages and liked learning about explorers. if the world weren’t already so explored, i probably would have wanted to be that.

  3. 3 Danielle

    First of all, I think I remember those sketches. ;-)
    Second, you have always been one of the MOST creative people I have ever met and I have no doubt you are meant to be creating. I’m proud of you for sticking to your guns.
    Third, I want you to teach me to do what you do.

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