Surprise ButtSecks


Something to watch out for, and it gets me every time, is the Sneaky Anal Client…

This client comes in and is very relaxed about what he wants. Very nice, very respectful of your talents and interested in what you have to offer in the way of design…  he might even tell you something like “I want to see your creative vision for this project”. So you go into the project with an upbeat attitude and, feeling free, you really let your creativity fly for him.  You are so happy that such a great client found you!  :D

but then…

Feeling confident you deliver your first proof and it comes back to you with a few minor changes (font changes, color adjustments, move this photo over to the other side) and you think to yourself, “Well of course MY vision isn’t going to match HIS vision completely” so you happily make the changes, though some of them you are a little more hesitant to make…  and you send it away for another proof, still feeling like you are awesome and you have provided some quality design work for this nice gentleman…  :)

and then…

The proof somehow comes back to you again with more edits, some contradicting the first edits and some are just silly like “move this up .05 inches” and “can this font be less bold but more bold than regular?”…  but it’s ok, you are a professional, nothing can get you down… You make as many of the changes as you understand how to make, and send it away again… You feel slightly confused now and aren’t sure if the client will like it because now you aren’t even sure if you like…  :|

and now…

you open the clients email with a knot in your stomach and when you see that pdf file with all the red notes all over it your hands start to shake a little bit and you remember reading in the email that he just had a couple more minor changes, which this obviously isn’t and you feel overwhelmed and heartbroken and you realize that this current monster of a design in front of you is nothing like your original vision and that indeed this client is nothing like his original portrayal and then you realize:

You’ve just been the recipient of  Mental Surprise Buttsecks, from the Sneaky Anal Client…

So be careful out there designers, some people like to schmooze everyone and like to feel like they’ve “Won” every social interaction… protect yourself by not being fooled by any false praise… I’m sure you’re awesome, but be careful who you let you that you are awesome, some people do not have the best intentions…


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