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My Résumé


Here it is in all it’s glory! I’ll be unemployed as of June 28, 2011…  Grab me while while i’m hot! Download Link:  JPhoenixGispan2011           Advertisements



I made my own little public service announcement campaign today in my downtime at work :) Feel free to share  ;) See, i can create without a deadline!

You shouldn’t go around flipping blue-prints, it really confuses the contractors…

I don’t do these as often as i should… oh well… This Month’s lucky winner (of my approval, sorry, no real prize) McLean Electric!   Simple, to the point, and exciting… I picked this logo for those reasons and also because they were smart and chose a logo that works well on print, on signage, […]

WE DESIGNERS are just trained psychic monkeys that can take any screwball idea straight out of their head and make it a reality.

how can you find a “beautiful” picture of something you hate?

Design Why? #1


No really… Why?