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My Résumé


Here it is in all it’s glory! I’ll be unemployed as of June 28, 2011…  Grab me while while i’m hot! Download Link:  JPhoenixGispan2011           Advertisements

Something to watch out for, and it gets me every time, is the Sneaky Anal Client… This client comes in and is very relaxed about what he wants. Very nice, very respectful of your talents and interested in what you have to offer in the way of design…  he might even tell you something like “I want […]

You shouldn’t go around flipping blue-prints, it really confuses the contractors…

I don’t… does anyone really…  but some stuff needs to change and some stuff should REALLY stay the same… don’t chuck the baby out with bath water people… ok let’s start with the Propositions: 19 – YES Individuals age 21 or older could, under state law, possess and cultivate limited amounts of marijuana for personal […]